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Warning Signs That You Need a Professional Pest Exterminator Immediately

Pests can literally eat away at your home until there is nothing left to keep it standing. What are some warning signs of an infestation?

While pests can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, there are usually signs and symptoms of an infestation that can alert you to their presence. Learning about and searching for these cues can help you find the source of the problem, and allow you to take steps to eliminate the invaders before they destroy your home.

Do you have rotting or vulnerable wood in or around the home?

If you have a dead tree in your yard or wooden beams within your roof, deck, or attic, you should inspect it on a regular basis to ensure that pests, such as carpenter ants or termites are not present. It is often a good idea to remove dead trees and change the grade of your yard to ensure that bugs cannot migrate into your house.

Common signs of carpenter ants or termites include small holes in the wood accompanied by piles of shavings nearby. This indicates that these pests have bored out space to nest or raise their young. The wood should either be treated immediately or replaced by a professional after the pests have been eliminated.

Can you see the bugs in your home?

While termites and carpenter ants rarely make themselves visible, others will make their presence known. For instance, honeybees and wasps will create nests under eaves, near windows, and even inside of your home. The same is true for mice and rats that will want access to your food and water wherever and however they can get to it. If you see more than a few bees or more than one or two mice, you should call an exterminator in San Diego immediately.

Do you hear weird noises in the attic, walls,or basement?

If you hear something running in the walls, in the attic, or in the basement, there is a good chance that you have a pest or animal inside your home. Call an exterminator immediately to investigate the source of the noise. If left to its own devices, a pest could die inside your walls, which could lead to a horrendous odor.

Calling exterminators can help you get rid of your pest problem quickly and professionally. Taking this step may allow you to live free from the fear of being overrun by vermin or hostile insects that may sting or cause breathing problems, which may make it impossible to stay in your home.


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