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Termite Control

Termites are some of the most common household pests in San Diego. This is especially because the region’s relatively mild climate and occasional generous rainfall are conducive for this insects’ growth and proliferation. They are incredibly voracious for dead plant matter, particularly wood, and will chew through any and all things wooden. It goes without saying that they will be harmful for your home, and that you need to stay on top of a termite infestation before it gets worse.

Antac Pest Control can help you get rid of your termite problems efficiently and thoroughly. Our team is fully trained and well-equipped to administer termite control solutions to homes within and near San Diego. If you suspect that your home is being invaded by these destructive insects, or if you are not even sure of their presence, give us a call and we can conduct inspections and pest control.


There are three types of termites: the drywood, dampwood, and subterranean varieties. Of the three, the drywood and the subterranean ones are the most common termites in San Diego. All termites swarm during spring, preparing to mate with each other and start new colonies nearby. These bugs initially start winged, but once they find a suitable spot to nest, they will then shed the wings. One colony is composed of millions of termites, and it is not unheard of to see these critters establish multiple colonies within a half an acre area.

Wood is the primary food source for termites, although they can sometimes snack on paper. As they feast on a piece of wood, they also burrow inside to nest, destroying the structure from within. Even worse, termites never stop to rest from eating—they feast on wood all day, all year round without catching a break. Homeowners typically have difficulty detecting the presence of termites without the necessary equipment, but once they see the obvious signs of infestation, it is almost always too late to save the wood.

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Drywood Termites

One of the common symptoms of drywood termite attack is the accumulation of tiny, straw-colored fecal pellets inside or beneath infested furniture. These pellets sift from small holes in the surface of infested wood or are pushed out through small round openings maintained by the termites for this purpose. The hard fecal pellets have six distinct, concave surfaces. Signs of termite infestation also include swarming of winged forms in fall and spring and evidence of tunneling in wood.

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Subterranean Termites

Infestations of the subterranean termites in a building may be recognized by the swarming of the reproductives in the spring in or about the building, by mud protruding from cracks between boards or beams or along basement joists, by the earthen tubes extending from the soil to the wood, or by the hollowness of the wood in which the insects have been tunneling.

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