Drywood Termite Infestation? Call Termite Control Professionals Now!

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Drywood Termite Infestation? Call Termite Control Professionals Now!

You can never fully understand how important termite inspection in San Diego truly is for the sake of your house unless you have suffered the ravages and home structural damage caused by a California termite attack. These horrible pests can wreak havoc and ruin on your wood-built house in a matter of a single silent and unnoticed infestation over a period of only a few years. While there are several different types of termites to harass you in the Golden State, drywood termites are some of the hardest to detect.

Detecting Drywood Termites

The real problem with drywood termites lies in the difficulty of detecting these cryptic insects. They live and hide deep down inside of wood. You might never even see or be aware of them unless you are fortunate enough to catch them swarming or if you have repair work done on your house. Their colonies are relatively tiny, with fewer than one thousand individual insects, and they can be widely spread throughout your home’s structure. Their colonies often take several years to mature.

The Drywood Termite Swarm

When you do actually see a Drywood Termite, it would commonly be a swarmer, or flying adult, that you see in the daylight hours of fall and summer. Besides finding them as a result of a drywood termite swarm, you might discover some of their fecal waste in the form of pellets. Truly inspecting and assessing the full extent of one of their terrible infestations requires a professional termite exterminator. Even though California’s laws require termite inspections to minimally include a visual on-site search of all accessible areas, this does not guarantee detection. An effective search would require removing stucco, panels, and even walls and utilizing scaffolds and ladders in the hunt.

Call in the Professionals as Soon as Possible
It is not only hard to find the cleverly hidden drywood termites, but more difficult still to correctly determine how much damage their colony may have caused. This makes home improvement-type ways of dealing with them impractical and a waste of time. Even handy people will not have access to the pest control products needed to effectively eliminate them. Besides simply removing termite-infested wood, you are advised as a homeowner to seek out termite control professionals in San Diego as soon as you have a suspicion that your home has become infested.


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