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Bee Removal Tips: How to Deal with a Carpenter Bee Problem at Home

California Carpenter Bees (Xylocopa californica) are relatively large bees that are all-black in appearance, with some bluish/greenish reflections.  The male is differentiated by lighter markings in the abdominal segments. They are agriculturally beneficial insects, and they play an important role in pollinating plants.

Unfortunately, they are not all good. Female carpenter bees can chew into wood and form cavities where they store food and lay eggs. Although they prefer softwoods, such as cypress, cedar, and redwood, practically no wood is safe from their voraciousness—not even pressure treated wood. It doesn’t take carpenter bees very long to drill a hole in wood a few inches deep, so quite a number of holes can appear in a short time.

Treat carpenter bee holes immediately

Any holes caused by carpenter bees need to be treated and plugged immediately because it makes the wood more prone to even more carpenter bees. Spray contact pesticide or WD-40 into the hole and immediately fill the hole with wood putty or Energy Seal. Be sure to push your pesticide’s tube into the hole to break through the chamber walls that the bees create.

For massive carpenter bee infestation

Like any other bees, carpenter bees are capable of stinging. If your carpenter bee problem is too big for you to handle on your own, contact a bee removal service. Professional bee exterminators will know what to do to rid your bee problem efficiently.

Preventing carpenter bees in the future

Although carpenter bees love wood, they rarely attack wood that have been painted over, because the bees don’t recognize these as wood. According to wood experts, covering wood with a gloss topcoat also works as a deterrent. If you prefer your wood bare, you can prevent carpenter bees from drilling into them by spraying your wood surfaces with pesticides that contain either deltamethrin or cypermethrin. However, their effect only lasts three to four weeks, so you’ll have to spray your wood surfaces regularly.

Bee removal services in San Diego

Trusted bee removal companies like Antac Pest Control can help you with all your pest control needs. Apart from bee removal, the company also specialize in rodent control, termite control and damage repair, dryrot repairs, and termite-proof insulation, among many more pest-related services.


Species Xylocopa californica – Western Carpenter Bee,

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